for the very first time, the self-catering residence Accommodation in the Jaipur , “The Pink City of India”.

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For the very first time, the self-catering residence Accommodation in the Jaipur City, “The Pink City of India”.

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  • Utkarsh sharma ( 11,Feb 2018 )

    I have stayed in this hotel for couple of occasions in last 4 years but I must say that under new management, this has really improved a lot. The rooms are very big with built in kitchen which is big plus for families with young kids. The hotel is in an alley off the main street which is kind of advantage as it keeps traffic noise away. The location advantage is great as Jawahar Circle, Birla temple, University, Mall and Airport, everything is within 10 mins driving distance. Tip: if you happen to stay here, go for full body massage from their special masseur who specializes in solar plexus massage. I promise you that you never would have experienced such a great massage. This guy using meditation and power of solar plexus make you body tissues vibrate naturally. You got to see it to believe it!

    Sunil Kumar sharma ( 11,Feb 2018 )

    It was memorable movement for my life to spend some time of life in this hotel. Food,ambience are good within the malvilya nagar location with in this budget ,staff are good in grooming,rooms are having enough space for stay comfortable and memorable holidaying

    Jhon Keely ( 15,Jan 2018 )

    Over all good and come back to stay here and recommended to friends. Thanks Jhon

    Elizabeth Griffin ( 14,Jan 2018 )

    My husband and 18 month old daughter stayed here for three weeks during our visit to Jaipur. We were treated like family. The front desk staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and the room service was excellent. The room was very clean and comfortable; there were always fresh flowers kept in the rooms which made it feel extra homey. I would definitely stay here again!

    Suresh Yadav ( 06,Jan 2018 )

    A true sample of excellent hospitality! Without doubt one of the favorite hotels I stayed during my time in Jaipur,Rajasthan (India)! Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by the staff and general manager, our names were mentioned on the board and we were upgraded to the Suite. The staff was extremely friendly, the room service is very flexible (appreciate this!) and the room service supervisor deserves a special thanks. We had two great evenings here, which obviously also added up to the experience.